Within the agreement for cooperation, the staff of the RC Aleksandra Tsareva, Ksenia Tsyganova and Dmitry Tsyganov visited the Huazhong University of Science and Technology from June 5 to June 9. During the visit, they learned about research conducted at Huazhong University of Science and Technology. For their part, the staff of the RC delivered a presentation of the main software developments and technologies used and demonstrated examples of studies conducted at the Center of Sociological and Internet Research.

Aleksandra Tsareva, Ksenia Tsyganova and Dmitry Tsyganov participated in the international conference "Network for Social Network Analysis" held in Beijing from 30.05.17 to 04.06.17. Ksenia Tsyganova presented a paper "What binds us online: Friendship vs. Communication ties?”. The paper co-authored with D. Tsyganov and A. Gruzd (Ryerson University, Canada).

The training and research practice for the 3rd year students, who are studying the basic educational Bachelor’s direction of 38.03.03 "Human Resource management" has completed. The students received an idea about the activity of the Call Center and the skills of working in the CATI system. The staff of the RC «Center for Sociological and Internet Research» Anastasia Krasova, Maria Salina and Vyacheslav Zemskov has managed the practice.

We congratulate Marcel Turakayev on the successful defense of the thesis for the degree of Candidate of Sociological Sciences. The defense took place on January 31, 2017. The theme of the thesis is "Sociocultural factors of reproduction of the mobile labor employment in the Russian region (on the example of the North-East of the Republic of Bashkortostan)".

A telephone survey on the theme "Labor and Educational Migration (Russia and China)" has been started. The sample size is at least 1000 respondents. The purpose of the study is to analyze the socio-economic aspects of the problem of labor and educational migration between Russia and China. Research lead is Vladimir Vyacheslavovich Kozlovsky, Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Sociology of Culture and Communication.

An Internet survey on the topic "Value Orientations of Professional Athletes" has started. The purpose of the study is to identify ethical standards in sports, which are guided by athletes in their sporting career. The project' lead is Alexander Sergeevich Gonashvili, student of the Department of Economic Sociology, Bachelor's degree.